Breaking News : Miramax Set To Stream Movies On Facebook [News]


Facebook is getting more involved in streaming video. Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal all have deals in place with Facebook to stream movies, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship streams most of their preliminary fights on Facebook as well. Now Facebook has landed a deal with movie giant Miramax to stream 20 titles in the United States as well as 10 in the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Movies are available for rental on a 30 day term. Users have 30 days to start viewing a movie, and once they begin watching, they have 48 hours to complete the film. Each rental costs $2.99 (or 30 Facebook Credits). Miramax has a great library of movies, and they choose some real gems to d├ębut on this service. They offer movies like Clerks, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and one of the personal favorites: Trainspotting.

The service is available now, and is beautifully streamlined and easy to use. It works in a web browser, on an iPad or via Google TV (Google TV is available only for US viewers). All the movies allow you to watch a clip before you commit to renting.

The app is still considered a beta, so expect improvements as time goes on, but even in the early stages it works great. There is also a game integrated in the app, but as of this writing the game was not playable.

Have you tried renting movies on Facebook? How was the experience?

Source: The Wrap

Breaking News : Miramax Set To Stream Movies On Facebook [News]
Dave LeClair
Mon, 22 Aug 2011 16:35:29 GMT

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