Get the Smartphone App Experience on Your Desktop


Smartphones have this unique style of presenting websites in the form of light weight applications. These applications no doubt increase the work flow and Internet productivity on a smartphone. Besides, they add to the beauty of the phone while just monitoring your accounts constantly by keeping you virtually online.

Pokki is a web-service that brings exactly the same service to your desktop.

What are Pokki Apps?

Well, we all know what apps mean on a smartphone. Same are Pokki apps for desktops. These simple productive apps reside on your Windows taskbar by integrating into the Windows functionality. One click on a Pokki button can give you lots of information while quickly allowing you to get on with your work-flow.

Pokki not only brings your favorites a click away but also provides real-time notifications such that you always know how many emails, messages or news items you need to read. The best thing is that all this is available with a single click without having to open a browser. Yet again, it’s very simple to set them up or even remove them.

Using a Pokki

There are a wide range of Pokkis to select from: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Headlines and more. If you wish to get started with such an app, head over to the Pokki Homepage and click on “download” beside any Pokki that interests you. For example, I downloaded the Pokkies for Facebook and Gmail. Once I had them downloaded, I followed three simple steps:- Run>Continue>Yes.

Once installation is complete, you will notice your installed Pokki apps between the Start button and your currently running applications. The installation process for all apps follows the same steps.

The number on your app icon represents the number of mails or any such notifications awaiting you. For example, the number on the Gmail icon represents how many unread messages await me. Clicking on an icon will bring up the app which is in fact a compact version of the original website. This is how Facebook looks like on a Pokki.

What I love is that I can quickly browse through the feeds, have a look at my notifications and messages without wasting much time. Moreover, it loads faster than what it does on the original site.

Every app is similar. Gmail lets you stay on top of your emails by badge notifications. A single right click on the app icon lets you log on to a new account or even switch between accounts easily. However, it lacks the complete interface, but all basics are available.


Currently, Pokki is in its beta version and has a limited library of applications. Also, it is available only for Windows 7 at the moment. However, it is something worth trying. In fact, I have been using the app instead for Gmail and Facebook since the time I have installed them. If you wish to remove any app, just right click on it and find the “remove” option.

(By) Sandeep Agarwal is an engineer and tech fanatic who has a lot of appetite to explore hidden difficulties in technology drift. He loves to explore and devise the latest software and technologies.

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Get the Smartphone App Experience on Your Desktop
Sandeep Agarwal
Fri, 05 Aug 2011 12:00:04 GMT

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