Gooce+, Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn To Google Plus


I find it rather difficulty to spend time on all social networking sites that I have an account for evenly. The three dominant social networking sites that I use currently are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I never got the hang of LinkedIn and do not use localized social networking sites. If I would add those to the list, I’d probably need an assistant for my social networking activities.

One of the problems is that every site has its own website that you need to visit and log in to before you can use it. That’s a tedious process, especially if you are like me and sign out after each session.

The brand new Google Chrome extension Gooce+ promises to optimize the daily social networking workflow by integrating the streams of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into the Google Plus interface.

Just install the extension in the Chrome browser, and you will notice that three new icons have been added to the top icon bar when you are on Google Plus. First the five standard Google icons from Home to Games, and then the three new icons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


While it is not possible to mix news streams, users can click on one of the icons to sign in to their accounts to access their news streams right on Google+.

It is possible to read the latest posts, post status updates, comments, use the like and share functionality or view photos or videos right on the Google Plus site. Some links, like Facebook friend links, open up in a new tab in the browser on the social networking site directly.

Gooce+ demands quite a few permissions during first sign in. Some users might be uncomfortable with that which is understandable.


The developer has created a short video demonstrating the Chrome extension’s functionality.

Gooce+ can be a handy extension for Chrome users who use at least one of the social networking sites next to Google Plus. The core benefit of Gooce+ is that it can reduce the number of open tabs in the browser by up to three. That’s the best case scenario if you use all four social networking sites on a day to day basis.

Chrome users can download“>Gooce+ directly from the Google Chrome web store.

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Gooce+, Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn To Google Plus
Martin Brinkmann
Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:48:53 GMT

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