New, Smaller Wii Model Ditches GameCube Support


New Wii model

A new model of Wii is on the way, at least in Europe, where it sounds as if it will replace the existing console.

The photo above makes it look very similar to the existing system, but besides being placed on its side (which you could already do with the current Wii), the console itself is smaller, reports Eurogamer. That may be thanks to the lack of GameCube controller inputs, a removal that's due to the decision to ditch backwards compatibility for GameCube games.

The new model has only been confirmed for Europe. Nintendo says it "will focus on the new Wii Bundles going forward" in the region, making it sound as if the old model will be phased out. The bundles comment suggests there will be at least two bundle options available; the one we know about so far is the Family Edition pictured above, which includes a Wii Remote Plus, nunchuk, Wii Party, and Wii Sports.

New, Smaller Wii Model Ditches GameCube Support
Chris Pereira
Wed, 17 Aug 2011 17:06:00 GMT

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