Twitter HTML5 web app for iPad launched


Twitter iPadIf you use Twitter on an iPad and you’re somehow not a fan of the native iOS app on the phone, Twitter has some good news for you. Yesterday the microblogging social network announced that it has launched the HTML5 web app version of the app for the iPad. This follows the launch of the HTML5 web app for the iPhone and iPod touch a few months ago.

The web app looks like a mix between the HTML5 mobile Twitter website and the regular Twitter desktop website. It has started rolling out yesterday and should be available to all iPad Twitter users within a week. With iOS already having a fully functional native app available, one must wonder why anybody would want to use this version of the app (no push notifications, camera integration etc). Perhaps it will get better in the future. I guess if you ever borrow a friend’s iPad to use Twitter on it, and he/she doesn’t have the app, you could use the web app for your Tweeting needs.

Visit the mobile Twitter website on your iPad to access the new HTML5 web app.

Twitter HTML5 web app for iPad launched, By Ubergizmo. Top Stories : Droid X2 Review, Panasonic GF3 Review,

Twitter HTML5 web app for iPad launched
George Wong
Thu, 04 Aug 2011 10:56:29 GMT

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