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Windows 8 Tablet Builds to Reach Developers Soon


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Windows 8 tablet builds are rumored to be coming to developers as soon as this fall, so within the next 2-3 months, maybe even sooner. This means that a Windows 8 build is close to finish and Microsoft can expect to make a Windows 8 shipment sometime next summer in 2012.

Windows 8 build 79851 400x264 Windows 8 Tablet Builds to Reach Developers Soon

There is also a Microsoft Build event on September 13-16. The Anaheim California conference is focused on Windows hardware and software developers. Supposedly, it is expected to be Microsoft’s Windows 8 coming out party to get partners and OEM’s started on developing devices and apps for Windows 8.

The Quad Core Processor

The question comes up is what is the Quad Core processor that is supposed to run on tablets? That isn’t clear and running the tablet with a laptop processor wouldn’t be a good move since the battery life would be limited.

Windows 8 tablets running on ARM chipsets might be coming as soon as the holidays Windows 8 Tablet Builds to Reach Developers Soon

Note, however, earlier this year three developers NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments each announced quad-core mobile chips and announced that they’d arrive before the end of 2011. Nvidia is supposed to make an announcement soon about the state of a quad-core table sometime in August or early September. Nvidia, by the way, is an ARM chipmaker, which is the preferred Windows 8 OS chip of choice, (although x86 based chips will still be used).

A big thing for tablets is performance, and ARM will provide fast operations, making the tablet a different computing experience than currently exists. Microsoft is expecting that this cutting edge technology may be what finally separates the Microsoft tablet from the iPad.

Is Performance Enough?

Having said that, the issue for the tablet is not just performance but design. Apple junkies love the design, the apps, and the uniqueness of the product. It stands apart. While Microsoft may be able to make a competent and reliable product, can they make one that consumers will fall in love with?

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Windows 8 Tablet Builds to Reach Developers Soon
Tue, 30 Aug 2011 18:58:53 GMT


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