BlackBerry PlayBook drops to $249 at Walmart Canada



After last week’s RIM earnings call, it was hinted that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be dropping in price.  Internally Rogers Wireless employees were offered the tablet at a discounted price, and now it looks like Walmart Canada has put out a sale to everyone on it.  You can grab the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook from Walmart in Canada for only $249, which cuts the price in a half exactly.  The item doesn’t appear to have the updated price yet online, but MobileSyrup snagged a screenshot clearly showing that the tablet’s been purchased for $249.99.  I’m sure tablets will sell out quick once the word spreads and the price updates online.  It’s not the same slick deal as the HP TouchPad, but 50% off on a tablet that’s staying in the market is excellent.

How do you feel about the price cuts? Is this a bad sign for the future of the BlackBerry PlayBook or is RIM simply trying to get more users onto it?

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BlackBerry PlayBook drops to $249 at Walmart Canada
Kal Chebli
Fri, 23 Sep 2011 14:00:00 GMT

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