Find Best Icon Sets Which Suites Your Needs


If you are a web designer or application designer then you must feel the need to get nice, attractive and useful icons for your work, you must want to get an icon sets which suites your need in the best way.

IconFinder is a nice online search engine for searching best and good icons for you, you can just enter the name of icon which want to get and hit enter button on your keyboard, Using this site is very much simple, all you need to do is just enter the name and click on Search button

It will show lots of search results according to the keywords you had entered, it allows you to customize the search result page by changing the background of it, you can also chose how many search results you wanna get on a single page.

You can filter search results according to the license to use, You can choose between several options like Allowed for Commercial Use (With link back), Allowed for Commercial Use (Without any link back).


On the search result page you can also choose the size of icon you want like 32 PX, 48 PX 64 PX, 128 PX, 256 PX or 512 PX.While searching it will also show you the related search results of same kind which helps you to find more with less efforts.

On the home page you will find a link on the top, Browse, it allows you to browse through the various icons sets, you can browse through newest icons sets, Popular Icon Sets, Largest Icon set and so.

You can also view icons on the basis on Alphabets, IconFinder’s API is open and you can integrate IconFinder into your own app or website with IconFinder’s API. You can choose between XML or JSON output and use all the features you know from the regular IconFinder service.

This site has 158, 184 icons or 820+ icons sets which provides you to navigate through various sets and find best one for you.If you are a designer and had designed some icons which you wanna share it with world then this site also allows you to submit them and let the world download them.

Visit Site :- IconFinder

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Find Best Icon Sets Which Suites Your Needs
Wed, 28 Sep 2011 06:30:21 GMT

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