Padzilla case gives your iOS device a huge touchscreen display [video]


Crunchy Logistics has released the Padzilla case for your iPad or iPhone but to call it a case is a bit crazy. The Padzilla accessory is just a huge touchscreen which allows you to interact with your device on a grand scale. You can hang it on the wall or even use it as an interactive coffee table.

One of the greatest iPad/iPhone accessories ever created! This interactive case allows you to use your iPad/iPhone with a massive screen that is multitouch capable. Shown in the video is a 70″ version but can be made in any size up to 150″. Jailbreak is not required. However this is an accessory and does require an iPad or iPhone (3GS or 4) to work properly. This unit can be positioned vertically or in a table mode thanks to our special mounting system.

The Padzilla also has the facility to work with game consoles and computers should you get bored of your huge iOS device display. If you fancy picking one of these up for your living room, be warned; they do not come cheap. The 70” display shown off in the video will set you back around $30-40,000. That would include the iPad so it’s not all bad! If that is too much for you, you will be able to rent the Padzilla in the future!

[Padzilla via TechCrunch]

Padzilla case gives your iOS device a huge touchscreen display [video]
Chris Oldroyd
Fri, 23 Sep 2011 10:00:59 GMT

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