Visualize Your Twitter Stream In Beautiful Colors With Twimbow (Beta)


visualize twitter streamVery obviously, the word ‘Twimbow’ is a blend of Twitter and rainbow. That itself tells you that it’s going to be all about color. Well, with Twimbow it’s not only about color but more about better managing the rush of our Twitter streams with color coded features.

Twimbow (beta) is an online Twitter client that is good for any browser that uses HTML5 and CSS3. We covered it very briefly in our Directory.

Color is one of the better ways to look at things when an overload of information starts to swamp you. With so many social apps calling for your attention, you need to quickly separate the relevant from the junk in one glance and move on to the next byte of information. Twimbow helps your eyes by color coding streams of tweets (e.g. your tweets are in blue, direct messages in orange, re-tweets are in green or purple)

But just how do you play with these colors to create a better and more engaging Twitter experience?

The Three Panels

visualize twitter stream

Twimbow organizes all tweets into three panels. Personal Buzz shows all your own tweets that you have sent out. Home Buzz shows all incoming tweets from people you follow. The third right-most panel shows tweets from Twimbow as well as tweets you search for along with trending topics. You can save your searches too.

Every Kind of Tweet Gets Its Own Color

visual twitter streams

Twimbow shows all tweets with color codes. Twimbow’s nice uniqueness is that you can filter tweets by clicking on the color lines on top. Click on the colored markers that show your tweets, mentions, direct messages, retweets, and starred tweets to show or hide them in the Personal Buzz panel. You can customize this with the color of your choosing by clicking on the vertical color bar next to a tweet.

Twimbow allows you to choose a different color for your tweet updates and retweets.

visual twitter streams

Label with Color in the Home Buzz Panel

twitter stream

You can better organize your tweets in the Home Buzz panel by using colorful labels. Click the color palette icon and add a new label. To add a user to a label, click the small vertical line (by default it’s in gray if the user is not associated with a label) and select a label from the popup.

visual twitter streams

To show or hide tweets from a specific label, uncheck the label’s box at the top. You can quickly organize your Twitter stream by going through all the tweets and assigning them to color coded labels.

Monitor Your Favorite Lists

twitter stream

Click on the Select a List icon on the Home Buzz panel. The lists you created and the lists you follow will be shown. By clicking on the ‘M’ (monitor) icon, you can add this to the monitor panel. If you click the icon again, it is removed from the monitor. The monitor keeps you informed about new tweets for that list. You can add as many lists as you want to the monitor panel and setup audio alerts and notifications to inform you about new tweets.

You can also send trending topics and custom searches to the monitor panel.

Share Songs and Videos

You can quickly search, play, and share songs within Twimbow by clicking on the folder icon with a musical bar on it. You can toggle between a MP3 search and a YouTube search from the inline player that pops out. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar. The search displays a list of relevant hits. Select one to play or share with a tweet.

Schedule Your Tweets

twitter stream

The in-built tweet scheduler lets you send out tweets at a pre-designated time. You can place tweets in the 24 hour specific time slots. You cannot fine-tune it by the minute though.

Tweeters and Their Klout

I really like the integrated feature of the Klout Score which is a metric on social influence. You can click on a user’s avatar and see how influential they are on the social network. Good Klout scores are over 50, excellent over 65 and outstanding are over 75.

Event Rich Tags

visualize twitter stream

Twimbow is trying to bring Event Rich Tags to its interface. An example of it is mentioned it in their blog. It lets you identify the hashtag used for an event and when you click on it from a tweet, it brings up a tab with all the relevant information about the event and the photo stream about the event taking place.

A Few More Settings

Twimbow has a few more settings up its sleeve like a choice of dark and light themes. Going into the settings, you can also set up a few filters that help to screen out tweets with specific words.

Twimbow uses our predisposition for color in a really cool way. In the end we get a serious tool that helps us to manage the information torrent from this social network. There’s no clear-cut instructional how-to on how to use Twimbow. You just have to dive into it and get your hands dirty (with color!).

Try out Twimbow and let us know if it can displace Hootsuite and TweetDeck from the list of favored Twitter clients.

Visualize Your Twitter Stream In Beautiful Colors With Twimbow (Beta)
Saikat Basu
Wed, 26 Oct 2011 15:30:30 GMT

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