BlackBerry PlayBook’s Native Email Client Makes an Appearance


Six months after launch, RIM’s tablet – the BlackBerry PlayBook – still lacks a native email, calendar and contacts application. This is about to change soon, though, judging from a video presentation shown at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum on Wednesday.

The email app has a standard appearance, with a list of messages on the left, a preview pane on the right, and an additional toolbar on the far right.

The calendar also doesn’t stray too far from the norm, but has some nifty features under the hood; for example, on a busy day the calendar date gets bigger, offering a quick overview of your schedule.

Finally, the contacts app is powered by Gist, an app known to many BlackBerry users. It offers a ton of additional info for your contacts, including related news, tweets and blog posts.

Unfortunately, the release date is not exactly around the corner; rumor has it that all of this will launch at February 17.

[via BlackBerry Cool]

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BlackBerry PlayBook’s Native Email Client Makes an Appearance
Stan Schroeder
Wed, 23 Nov 2011 09:34:45 GMT

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