Google Discontinues Standalone Gmail App for BlackBerry

Google Discontinues Standalone Gmail App for BlackBerry:

Well this is no big surprise. After not receiving updates for years Google has decided to stop developing and releasing their standalone Gmail BlackBerry app. It hasen’t worked right on BlackBerry 7 devices either way but still I used it every blue moon to access old emails that were no longer on my device. On the other hand Google has really done a great job with the new HTML5 mobile websites which now offer a pretty “App-Like” experience.

Either way the old Gmail app is going away on November 22nd 2011 according to Google. Google says that current users can continue to use the app but it will not be supported by Google and will no longer be available for download after Nov 22nd. Anybody sad to see it go? My guess is that you will be able to find it on third party sites for awhile before it goes away from

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