Update Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Groupon From Email: PowerInbox


PowerInbox is a free web service that lets you make your emails more useful by allowing you to update social networks. Like update Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Groupon, right from your Emails.

Facebook or Twitter usually sends an email every time you get a notification in your Facebook or Twitter account such as a wall post, a comment, a message or any other type of notification. To view this notification, you click on that Twitter or Facebook email, again click on “Sign in” to login to Twitter or Facebook just to reply or comment back to that particular notification. But, Have you ever thought that how much easier would it be if you perform all these actions directly from inside an email?

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PowerInbox is here to serve you with all such amenities. PowerInbox adds as an extension for Chrome or Firefox and when you open a Facebook or Twitter email, you will be able to view an extra box in that single email. This box will display a complete picture of the respective notification right in your email. Every time you open emails received from Facebook or Twitter, the box will open automatically.


With PowerInbox, you can comment back on posts, photos, tweet back, and various other interactive activities right from your inbox.

Apart from Chrome & Firefox, this PowerInbox also has extensions for Rockmelt and Outlook. PowerInbox will introduce as an extension with other web browsers in near future. It supports Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! mail.

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Some Key Features Of PowerInbox:

  • Allows you comment back, reply or Tweet right from your inbox
  • Eliminates those extra clicks of signing in for responding
  • Works well with Chrome, Firefox, Rockmelt, Outlook
  • Supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail
  • Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Groupon email.

How To Install PowerInbox:

  • Go onto the website
  • Click on the Browser you want PowerInbox for. For Instance: I clicked on “Download Now” for Chrome.
  • Click On “install”
  • Restart Chrome

That’s it… Now just update Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Groupon from your inbox. You will be able to reply to the notifications you receive from these social networks right from the comfort of your email. Enjoy your new and improved inbox…Go ahead, Install PowerInbox Free..!

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Update Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Groupon From Email: PowerInbox
Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:00:44 GMT

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