CarrierIQ Comes Clean About Information Collected From Your Device


carrier iq comes clean CarrierIQ Comes Clean About Information Collected From Your Device

As you all know, CarrierIQ has been in the news as of lately in the smartphone world.  There have been reports that the application is used to store customers key stokes on the devices.  Now we know that Research in Motion has said that they don’t put CarrierIQ on any of their devices and they do not give carriers any right to do so. However we have seen that T-Mobile has admitted to putting the application on their devices.

Today we have gotten our hands on an actual report from CarrierIQ stating what their application really does on your device.

For BlackBerry users, the more interesting bits are:

  • We’re not sending your every keystroke to the carrier – no carrier has asked for that feature
  • If an SMS message happens to get caught in our monitoring data, a human can’t read it
  • Your carrier decides what information to collect
  • You are not charged for the diagnostic data the app sends to your carrier

CarrierIQ is nothing more than a diagnostic tool, it has always been just that.   It is used by carriers to help make their network better.  Click on the link below to read the full CarrierIQ Report for yourself.

Read the Carrier IQ report for yourself [PDF]

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CarrierIQ Comes Clean About Information Collected From Your Device (Brad Gesullo)
Wed, 14 Dec 2011 07:07:46 GMT

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