Play Non-Stop YouTube Videos


YouTube has revolutionized the whole music experience in the life of a digital consumer. If you crazy about YouTube and spend considerable amount of time on it for your daily dose of entertainment, here is an application which will definitely be of interest to you.

ShowMeNonStop as the name suggests, plays YouTube videos and music non-stop with minimal interference or intervention needed from the user. They have built up an interface with the concept of minimalism to keep it clutter free. There are absolutely no buttons to distract you or being any kind of interruption while you enjoy the videos. All the videos are available in high definition to keep the quality quotient very high.

Just enter a Search term and a unique URL for the continuous video stream will get generated. Unless you click the ShowMe button to change the video, the application will keep playing your previous search result.

With no video controls like pause button, scrub bar and even no control on volume, its best for people wish to just have some lazy relaxed moments. It is like handing over the steering of the car in hands of a veteran while you sit back and enjoy the scenic splendor. As an icing on cake, the app is free of cost and a cakewalk to use. Hence, it is indeed a site to use!


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Play Non-Stop YouTube Videos
Thu, 29 Dec 2011 09:25:32 GMT

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