Launches NFC Enabled Pouch App With VISA and Mastercard Support


NFC is one of the most exciting features of modern BlackBerrys. The Near Field Communication feature will allow you to share media between devices as well as use your BlackBerry as a mobile wallet. Recently, launched a new BlackBerry app called Pouch, that supports NFC and lets you connect your VISA and MasterCards. The company is also ready to expand the service to gift cards, loyalty programs and debit cards.


The press release we received about the application was incredibly long and convoluted, so it’s hard to say whether this app actually does what it says it does. We haven’t tried it but we’ll be giving it a shot very soon. Ideally, the app is a Google Wallet clone, allowing you to pay wherever there is a Mastercard or VISA NFC station. The app description is also really vague so let us know your thoughts and experiences.

Download Pouch Wallet from App World at this link.

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Thu, 01 Dec 2011 21:56:56 GMT

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