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Twitter & Facebook Apps to Soon Be BBM Connected

Twitter & Facebook Apps to Soon Be BBM Connected:

We first got a tip yesterday that N4BB spotted an updated version of Twitter that showed as being BBM connected. Now Bla1ze @CrackBerry spotted signs of both an updated Twitter and Facebook app showing as BBM connected. These versions have been rumored for awhile and its pretty much a no brainer for RIM to BBM connect their own apps but hopefully they get released soon!

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Twitter & Facebook Apps to Soon Be BBM Connected

35 Highly Advanced Yet Simple To Use jQuery Plugins

35 Highly Advanced Yet Simple To Use jQuery Plugins:
jQuery is a speedy, succinct library that make traversing HTML documents, handling events, performing animations, and adding AJAX simpler. jQuery imparts web developers the opportunity to make websites better with incredible elements without the necessity to write down dozens of lines of code.

In this compilation, you will find top 35 highly advanced and cutting-edge jQuery plugins that are simple to use and will improve your web experience significantly. It is no longer achievable to overlook this competent, powerful and lightweight tool when more than 40% of other websites are using it. So, it is the right time to look over and discover the recent trends of web design and development. I am sure it does gonna be a helluva race for jQuery whose development just doesn’t stop. Enjoy!

Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin

Download | Demo


Download | Demo

Gmap Google Maps Plugin for jQuery

Download | Demo


BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb. 17th?

There has been plenty of rumors surrounding the PlayBook OS 2.0 release date but one thing for certain is that it'll be in February. The dates have ranged anywhere from February 9th all they way to the end of February but one date in particular has been popping up more often then not and that's February 17th. Something that hasn't been mentioned though is the OS version we can expect. At CES the PlayBooks were running OS and RIM reportedly was testing later versions in house. New rumors are now suggesting we can be expect OS to end up in consumers hands come February 17th and while we'll take it all with a grain of salt -- it's something to keep an eye out for.'s feed sponsored by BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb. 17th?
BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb. 17th?
Mon, 30 Jan 2012 05:33:59 GMT