BlackBerry 10 open to licensing says RIM’s new CEO


Earlier today we reported about RIM’s reshuffling in upper management, with Thorsten Heins taking charge as the new CEO of the company. Well it looks like there could possibly be some major changes in the way RIM works in the future. At RIM’s first official conference call with the new CEO took place earlier today, and some interesting topics were discussed.

One of the most interesting points that came up was the possibility of licensing BlackBerry 10 OS. Heins confirmed that RIM will be open to letting other manufacturers creating devices running on BlackBerry “if it makes sense to follow the path.” Sounds like a possibility that should be explored when BlackBerry 10 is released in the future. Would you like to see HTC/Samsung BlackBerry phones?

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BlackBerry 10 open to licensing says RIM’s new CEO
George Wong
Mon, 23 Jan 2012 16:09:48 GMT

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