Some More Details Slip on PlayBook OS 2.0 & BlackBerry 10

Some More Details Slip on PlayBook OS 2.0 & BlackBerry 10:
PlayBook Native Preview

Thomas and Tashanna pointed out this interesting writeup by PCMag (via OSBB I think) that has some great tidbits in it. They talked with Marty Mallick, a senior director of business development at RIM, about the PlayBook and a few other updates and some interesting details and confirmations came out. Here is a quick summary:

  • "…there will be touch BB10 devices as well as QWERTY BB10 devices. Both of those will exist." They may not have the same resolution but they will have the same aspect ratio.

  • PlayBook 2.0 “can be looked at as a stepping stone towards BB10. It starts to introduce the new UI elements”

  • PlayBook 2.0 features the ability to use your BlackBerry smartphone as a “remote control” for the PlayBook. Malik says this means you can use your BlackBerry keyboard to type on your PlayBook or use your BlackBerry as a mouse.

  • You will also be able to choose the option to open a website on your PlayBook from the BlackBerry smartphone browser.

  • PlayBook OS 2.0 will bring email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as we have seen in previous leaks.

Malik also told PCMag that more BlackBerry 10 details will show up at the BlackBerry Europe DevCon in mid-February and more details at Mobile World Congress in late February. They did not specify when PlayBook OS 2.0 will launch…

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Some More Details Slip on PlayBook OS 2.0 & BlackBerry 10 |
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