First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone Leaked!

First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone Leaked!:
BlackBerry 10 Smartphone First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone Leaked!

You might remember a few months ago we leaked some of the early photos of the BlackBerry London. Well today CrackBerry has gotten their hands on the first image of a true BlackBerry 10 Superphone! It looks like RIM has ditched the sliver housing and is making the BlackBerry 10 phone look like a sized down BlackBerry PlayBook. No word on hardware but it does look like the device will feature a front facing camera.

London is apparently the code name for the UK version of this device. Seems like here in the states we will be seeing Laguna and Lisbon devices that will be geared toward Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. Of course keep it locked it to BerryReporter for more info!

Source: CrackBerry

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