RIM will continue making phones with physical keyboards


So far based on the alleged leaked photos we’ve seen of Blackberry 10 handsets, it appears that full touchscreen would be one of its selling features. That being said, RIM’s series of Blackberry devices have been known for their comfortable and easy to use physical keyboards, but will the company ditch that particular strategy and design in favor of full touchscreen phones like its iOS, Android and Windows Phone competition? The good news for fans of Blackberry’s physical keyboards is that no, RIM will continue pushing out devices with physical keyboards as well as devices that are fully touchscreen.

This was confirmed by Phonescoop who was at the Blackberry World event where a RIM spokesperson assured them that handsets with physical keyboards will not be abandoned. The goal is to provide users with a choice, and interestingly it was also revealed that the upcoming Blackberry 10 handset will be full touchscreen but future versions could see the inclusion of a physical keyboard, much like the Blackberry Torch.

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RIM will continue making phones with physical keyboards
Tyler Lee
Wed, 02 May 2012 11:27:43 GMT

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