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Direct YouTube Downloader is a combination of a YouTube video downloader and converter which you can use in order to download various YouTube video qualities and formats, video per video, or entire playlists/channels at once and then convert them into formats which are readable to mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Small warning before we dig into YouTube video downloading and conversion, during installation you are offered to install a browser toolbar and change the default search engine. Make sure to uncheck these during install.

Direct Youtube Downloader default window

What we mentioned in the introduction can be read on the default window that waits for us when we run Direct YouTube Downloader. Program interface has a grayish color with a smooth theme, which makes usage easy on the eyes. That’s very important because in a sense this YouTube video download software is also a video browser, which you can use to go through the videos and choose the ones that you are interested in downloading and converting.

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Download YouTube video playlists, channels or single videos with Direct YouTube Downloader

After installation, if you click on the icon or if you leave the Run Direct YouTube Downloader check mark upon finishing the installer you will receive an error, which tells you that the application couldn’t start. This error comes up if you open the application as a standard user, you’ll have to open it as an administrator to have it run properly.

Direct Youtube Downloader user download

Here is an image of Direct YouTube Downloader loaded up with a users channel all ready to download videos. Notice all the different options that are available. Like we mentioned you can select the quality of the downloaded videos and also select between various different video formats that are available of the particular video that you are checking out. To the right of the quality selection area, we have the Convert settings, that’s where you can set the program to convert videos for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Sony PS
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones

If you don’t want to download some of the videos, then you can remove them by clicking on the gray X button which is located next to each one of the videos. Another useful option that Direct YouTube Downloader has would be the Download audio only option, which will only download sound from YouTube videos that are selected in the playlist. It’s perfect for all those who want to download songs, the ones that can be legally downloaded of course.

Direct Youtube Downloader directory setting

Before you start the download and conversion make sure that you change the destination folder of the videos that are being downloaded. This can be achieved by clicking on the gears icon which can be seen in the right upper corner. After all this is set, clicking on the Download button will start the conversion and of course the download of YouTube videos, and that’s that.


Direct YouTube Downloader is very easy to use, and it’s one of the best YouTube downloaders that we have come across, make sure to try it out, especially if you have a smartphone or a tablet and you’d like to convert YouTube videos for them, you can do that with Direct YouTube Downloader, free software.

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