Server 2012 to be Released in September


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Server 2012 will probably make its debut in September, according to Microsoft where it made the announcement at the Worldwide Partner Conference. The release to manufacturers will occur in August.

What will Server 2012 bring to the System?

Much of the talk this year has focused on the replacement for Windows 7 with Windows 8. Moreover, Microsoft has drawn a lot of attention with its own smart mobile system and just recently with the Surface tablet, but for business operations, the talk about Server 2012 has been relatively quiet.

Windows Server 2012 400x348 Server 2012 to be Released in September

The era of standalone servers is gone. Servers now are expected to be devices that not only connect to the Internet and manage networks at the local level, they have to perform newer operations. So in that vein, Windows Server 2012 will manage on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments for enterprises. Then along side of Windows Server 2012, its cloud counterpart, Windows Azure and Microsoft System Center, will work together for managing the entire system. That make up will be the Microsoft “Cloud OS.”

The VMware Challenge

Microsoft’s big push will be to challenge VMware in the virtualization field. Virtualization is the computer inside a computer, where the virtual computer runs on its own memory and processor, separate and independent from its host. This allows separate programs to run independently. And the mark of a good virtual machine is how well and fast it operates in the environment.

So how well will the virtual machine run in the Server 2012 environment? According to Microsoft, Windows Server 2012 will support up to 320 logical processors per server. It will also support up to 4 terabytes of memory per server plus up to 64 virtual processors per virtual machine. That is a lot of horsepower.

Then there is the feature called offloaded data transfer, or ODX. This allows faster data backups to storage, even for cloud computing backup operations.

WindowsServer2012Logo 400x132 Server 2012 to be Released in September

For now, Server 2012 is quietly making its place as the server for advanced business cloud operations and virtualization. The new dimensions that will come from this are just beginning to become apparent. But what is clear is that the expectations of the IT vision for LAN systems will change. Server 2012 is a prelude to what the computer industry will be looking at in the future.

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Server 2012 to be Released in September
George Garza
Wed, 11 Jul 2012 22:56:04 GMT

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