Apple's new iPhone plug shows up in photos, again

Apple's new iPhone plug shows up in photos, again
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What is purported to be Apple's new iPhone plug.


More images of Apple's next iPhone dock connector have cropped up ahead of next week's event, which is widely expected to bring the unveiling of a new iPhone.

French blog Nowhereelse posts images from an anonymous tipster claiming to be in possession of the final cable. The images match up with a leak from last month, depicting the smaller plug, which would replace Apple's long-surviving 30-pin proprietary plug.

Rumors that Apple aimed to shrink down the plug first cropped up last October and gained steam with a high-profile report in February. The reasoning has been that Apple wanted to make more space within the device for other components.

As noted in previous coverage, a change in dock technology would be the first from Apple since its transition from Firewire to USB in 2005. Since then, its d... [Read more]

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