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Windows 10 won’t be Windows 6.4

An old quirk in Windows is going away with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming release of Windows 10 will include a change that makes the Windows NT kernel jump to version 10.0. While Windows 8.1 was Windows NT 6.3 and Windows 7 was Windows NT 6.1, the numbering scheme will now match both the version and marketing names. Windows 10 Technical Preview builds are currently identified as Windows NT 6.4, but future builds will include the change, and Chinese site ITHome leaked images showing the 10.0 version of Windows 10 last week. The odd numbering scheme originates from Microsoft’s merging of NT and DOS-based versions of Windows. It left software like Windows 2000 with the 5.0 version number after years of Windows 2.0, 3.0, 3.11, and 4.0 releases eventually merging alongside versions like Windows 95 and 98. Microsoft kept the NT numbering scheme to identify a major version to applications for compatibility. Ars Technica has a good explanation of how Micr…

Apple releases OS X 10.10.1 with Wi-Fi reliability fixes and more

Apple has released the latest update for OS X Yosemite, version 10.10.1. It contains a number of fixes and improvements to Yosemite You can find OS X 10.10.1 in the Updates section of the Mac App Store. This update fixes Wi-Fi issues with Yosemite, as well as connections with Microsoft Exchange servers. Additionally, sending messages from certain email providers is now more reliable, and so is connecting to a remote computer via Back to My Mac. Apple releases OS X 10.10.1 with Wi-Fi reliability fixes and more

iOS 8.1.1 lands with bug fixes and performance improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s

Alright folks, there's an update for iOS 8 out there — 8.1.1 is the version, and bug fixes are the name of the game. iOS 8.1.1 brings an assortment of unspecified bug fixes to iPhone and iPad, and we're hopeful they'll fix some of the more glaring issues with iOS 8.1 (looking at you, shy keyboard in Spotlight. Additionally, the update promises to fix some of the performance issues that users of older iOS devices, in particular the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. have seen. iOS 8.1.1 is available now for iPhone and iPad users world-wide, just hit Settings > General > Software Update to pull down the update. It varies in size depending on what device you have — iPhone 6 users see it around 64MB, while iPads are seeing around 364MB. So download iOS 8.1.1 and let us know if it's fixed your greatest iOS woes.

Skype for Web brings voice and video calls to your browser

Microsoft is unveiling a beta version of Skype for Web today, a new version of its audio and video calling service designed for browsers. The software giant has been slowly bringing Skype to the web through its service, but today’s beta will work across modern versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari without the need to use "We’re making Skype for Web available to a small number of existing and new users to begin with," explains Skype’s Jonathan Watson. Skype for Web will operate directly from, and Microsoft is planning to take advantage of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) APIs to enable browser-to-browser voice calling, video chat, and instant messaging in future. For now, a small plug-in will be required until the WebRTC version is enabled. It’s an emerging web standard that has the backing of Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and others. Microsoft's move is significant, as more than 300 million people use Skype, and …

Apple Launches Web Tool to Deregister Phone Numbers from iMessage

Apple today released a new web tool for users to deregister their phone number from iMessage in the event they switched to a non-Apple device. To deregister a phone number from iMessage, users simply enter their phone number in Apple's web tool, receive a free text message containing a code, and submit the code to complete the process. Users who still have their original iPhone can also transfer their SIM card back to the device and go to Settings -> Messages to turn iMessage off. 

Users switching from an iPhone to another device were often unable to receive SMS messages from another iPhone due to their phone number still being linked to iMessage. These specific errors with iMessage have been a well-known issue since 2011, which is when the messaging service debuted with iOS 5. They were also made even more apparent this past May, where a server glitch caused widespread message delivery problems. Apple was even sued over the matter in a California court, although the company cla…

Redesigned Google Maps rolling out now to iPhones and iPads

Yesterday we told you about a big overhaul coming to Google Maps, and today that overhaul has arrived. The Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad has been bumped up to version 4.0, bringing a whole new "Material Design" look to the mapping, search, and navigation app. In addition to the new look, which features a lot of bright colors and a flatter design, the Google Maps update is also bringing integration with OpenTable for finding restaurants and making reservations at said restaurants, and integration with Uber that will allow you to estimate the wait time and fare for a ride with the private car service. By and large Google Maps still works the same way on iOS and Android, it just has a nice new design, optimizations for iOS, and proper support for the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Check it out and let us know what you think of the new look. Free - Download NowRedesigned Google Maps rolling out now to iPhones and iPads

Microsoft Office lands on iPhone and is now free to use across iOS and upcoming Android tablet app

In a surprise move, Microsoft has today announced that Office for mobile is now free on Android and iOS. That’s right, from today you won’t need an active Office 365 subscription to edit or store documents in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud. The pricing news was joined by other updates to the Office mobile apps, including an upcoming version designed specifically for Android tablets. In a bid to offer Office as widely as possible – and perhaps somewhat overdue – Microsoft also announced the launch of Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps for iPhone, and updates to the existing iPad versions. Naturally, the company is also... 

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Microsoft Office lands on iPhone and is now free to use across iOS and upcoming Android tablet app

Get Google Inbox Invite During ‘Happy Hour’ Today

Inbox is a new application by Google which seeks to revolutionize how we handle email on our mobile devices. The app is available for iOS and Android but Google is providing access through invites only. Existing members have already received another collection of invites as Google is expanding the program today. It is guaranteeing an invite for anyone who sends an email during the “Happy Hour” for Inbox. It has been confirmed through the official Inbox by Gmail Twitter account that anyone who sends an email at between 3-4pm PT today, the aforementioned “Happy Hour,” will certainly receive an invite for Inbox by 5pm PT today. Those of you who have been asking their friends for an invite, or simply looking out for one on social media, this is perhaps the best chance you have of securing an Inbox invite. Just remember to send an email to the address mentioned above during 3-4pm PT and Google will directly send you an invite. There is one thing you must keep in mind thou…

Google Maps is getting a colorful redesign for iOS and Android

Google's colorful new design style is making its way to Maps this week. With an updaterolling out over the next few days, the look of Google Maps on both iOS and Android will be overhauled to fit in line with Material Design, a style that's been quickly making its way across Google's biggest apps. The changes here aren't dramatic — it appears that Maps still functions and is laid out largely the same way — but it certainly does appear to be a more stylish layout, and perhaps one that's easier to intuit as well. Though Google demonstrates the updated design on the iPhone and both Android phones and tablets, it doesn't specifically mention whether the iPad will be getting this design update just yet. There are also some feature additions coming in the update. Back in May, Google built in an option that estimated how long it would take an Uber car to get you to a destination, and that feature will now show you an estimated pickup time and price for the route, whi…

Microsoft Launches New Outlook for Mac, Next Office for Mac Suite Coming in Second Half of 2015

Microsoft Launches New Outlook for Mac, Next Office for Mac Suite Coming in Second Half of 2015
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Microsoft today announced the immediate launch of a new Outlook for Mac for Office 365 users, bringing a new look and a number of improvements as leaked earlier this week.The new Outlook for Mac includes:

- Better performance and reliability as a result of a new threading model and database improvements.
- A new modern user interface with improved scrolling and agility when switching between Ribbon tabs.
- Online archive support for searching Exchange (online or on-premises) archived mail.
- Master Category List support and enhancements delivering access to category lists (name and color) and sync between Mac, Windows and OWA clients.
- Office 365 push email support for real-time email delivery.
- Faster first-run and email download experience with improved Exchange Web Services syncing.
New Outlook for Mac
Office 365 subscribers can access th…