Get Google Inbox Invite During ‘Happy Hour’ Today

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Inbox is a new application by Google which seeks to revolutionize how we handle email on our mobile devices. The app is available for iOS and Android but Google is providing access through invites only. Existing members have already received another collection of invites as Google is expanding the program today. It is guaranteeing an invite for anyone who sends an email during the “Happy Hour” for Inbox.
It has been confirmed through the official Inbox by Gmail Twitter account that anyone who sends an email at between 3-4pm PT today, the aforementioned “Happy Hour,” will certainly receive an invite for Inbox by 5pm PT today.
Those of you who have been asking their friends for an invite, or simply looking out for one on social media, this is perhaps the best chance you have of securing an Inbox invite. Just remember to send an email to the address mentioned above during 3-4pm PT and Google will directly send you an invite.
There is one thing you must keep in mind though. Since Inbox is in beta right now it only supports personal Gmail accounts. If your email is powered by Google Apps then you’re out of luck since those accounts are not currently allowed in Inbox. If you have a personal Gmail account you’ll be good to go once you receive the invite.
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Get Google Inbox Invite During ‘Happy Hour’ Today

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