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Apple Pay Launching in Canada With American Express on November 17

Apple Pay is expected to expand to its third market this week, launching in Canada this Tuesday, November, 17, reports iPhone in Canada. As previously announced, Apple Pay will be launching through an exclusive partnership with American Express, initially limiting the reach of Apple's payments service in the country.

According to American Express, the service is set to launch this Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Customer service representatives we spoke with confirmed the date over the phone numerous times, and is in line with what you've told us as well. As reported by The Globe and Mail last month, sources indicate Apple partnered with American Express in order to expedite the Apple Pay launch in the country, as discussions with the major Canadian banks and other credit card companies had been "dragging."

Beyond Canada, Apple is also partnering with American Express to bring Apple Pay to Australia by the end of the year and to Spain, Singapore, and Hong Ko…

8 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Didn’t Know About

8 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Didn't Know About
The Cheat Sheet » The Cheat Sheet  / (Damien Hoffman)
Source: Microsoft Many of us have had Windows 10 on our PCs for a while now, so we're pretty used to the new features of the operating system from daily use. However, Microsoft has hidden a few features underneath the hood however that you may find especially useful. Give these tips and tricks a try, and improve your Windows 10 experience.1. Access a Start Menu for power usersWindows 10 has a hidden Start Menu that contains some useful features for Windows power users, such as the task manager, command prompt, device and disk management, and others. To get to this menu, you'll need to either right click the Windows button or use the Windows key+X shortcut on your keyboard.2. Sniff out disk space-hoarding appsA useful feature of both iOS and Android is a feature within their settings apps that allow you to monitor the amount of disk space apps are…

OneNote is getting big updates on Android, iOS and PCs

OneNote is receiving several updates today across multiple platforms that will make it better for many devices. First up, iOS and Web users can finally add audio recordings to their notes. That means you can easily record meetings or lectures, and add the clips directly to documents. Web users can also now add other sorts of attachments too, such as a PowerPoint slide from a coworker or professor. On the desktop you can now embed Web video from sources like YouTube and Vimeo with a new video button. It’s something that probably should have been there a long time ago given… 

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Windows 10’s first major update rolls out

Microsoft announced today that the first major update for its newest operating system Windows 10 is rolling out to users across the globe. The update, dubbed Threshold 2 by Microsoft during development, is the first major update of the operating system. The company announced the launch of the update on the official Windows Experience blog earlier today, mentioning that Windows 10 has reached a point with it in "platform maturity" where it can be recommended confidently to whole organizations for deployment. The update features changes that Windows Insiders have tested for a while. Notable updates are performance improvements and updates to the official system browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft does not reveal many of the improvements that went into the update on the blog post. If you read Ghacks regularly, you know about some of the updates already. Activation improvements. It is possible now to enter a Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key to activate Windows 10 directly. The m…

Microsoft’s First Major Update To Windows 10 Has Arrived

Microsoft has released the first large update to Windows 10 that brings with it several new features and stability improvements. The update is available now via Windows Update but know that installing this release will take a bit of time, so be patient, and make sure to save all of your work before updating. The release, which is free for all Windows 10 users, brings enhancements to Cortana, Edge and also adds a bit of polish to the user interface. For those of you who have been participating in the Insiders program, this release is the culmination of all those updates packaged into one build for the general population. With this release, Cortana gains the functionality to understand handwritten notes and can keep track of your event and movie bookings along with the ability to call an Uber. The personal digital assistant is also now available in new regions that include Japan, Australia, and Canada and India (in English) with features and experiences customized for each market. Edge…

First look at the BlackBerry "Vienna" - the company's second Android phone!

First look at the BlackBerry "Vienna" - the company's second Android phone! blogs  /  Bla1ze
Our first look at BlackBerry's next Android phone, this time with a front-facing keyboardBlackBerry's next Android phone could feature an always-present physical keyboardJust days after CEO John Chen confirmed the company has a range of products planned after the newly-released BlackBerry Priv, we just received on the CrackBerry tip line these renders of what is rumored to be BlackBerry's next Android-powered phone.I've dropped the codename "Vienna" before on our weekly podcast and in the forums, but these renders are the first real look we've had at the design. Vienna ditches the Priv's slider in favor of the iconic BlackBerry layout, with a front-facing physical keyboard that is always present. The keyboard looks to be of the same size and design as that of the Priv's, but it's hard to tell simply based off of the renders a…

Google Finally Lets You Download Maps for Offline Navigation and Search

We’ve all been in that unfortunate situation when we’re lost with no reception, and our phone’s navigation features are neutered as a result. Now, Google is offering a dead simple solution. You can download snippets of the world for offline navigation and search.

There’s one small but unsurprising catch: The new feature is available now on Android and is “coming soon to iOS.” So if you’re an Android user, you’re going to love it. With the update, you can select a portion of the map, and the selection will be saved to a new “Offline Areas” section of the app. (Google uses the city of San Francisco as an example in its announcement.) Google Maps will save all the relevant navigation and search data so you can do anything from navigate to an address or search for the nearest zoo.

Whenever you get bars back, the app will automatically switch back to the full version of Google Maps. The trick, of course, is knowing which offline areas you want to store for later use–Google will only download…

How Netflix Could've Looked in the 1950s

The Phlico Predicta was a TV that, in design terms at least, was way ahead of its time. But what if it had come loaded with Netflix? Well, that’s what a bunch of Netflix engineers wondered, too—so they decided to adapt one of the 1950s TV sets so that they could watch the streaming service on its ageing screen. The video below, points out The Verge, shows that they succeeded during a dedicated hack day.

The resulting set has a simple analog control on the side to scroll through menus, allowing modern shows and moves to flicker into life on its grainy back-and-white screen. Incidentally, the Predicta was was one of the first televisions to feature a nearly flat screen, though it looks pretty ropey these days. The hack day also spawned some other, more useful, results too—including an app called OK Netflix that can identify a show you want to watch from lines of script, and an algorithm called Smart Channels that can create curated channels for users based on their viewing histories. Some …

BlackBerry PRIV To Get Android 6.0 “In The Next Year”

BlackBerry PRIV To Get Android 6.0 "In The Next Year"
Ubergizmo  /  Tyler Lee
According to an earlier report, BlackBerry detailed how they plan on keeping the BlackBerry PRIV secure. Basically this involves promised monthly updates along with hotfixes for when it is deemed necessary. However it seems that this might not necessarily involve software updates for Android.The handset will be launched with Android 5.1 Lollipop which is fine, but given that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Google's latest operating system, that would have been preferred. So the question is, when will Marshmallow make its way onto the handset? Now if you were hoping sometime by the end of 2015, you would be disappointed.According to the folks at Android Central, they recently did an interview with Ron Louks, BlackBerry's President of Devices. According to Louks, he told Android Central that the company is targeting a release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the PRIV sometime in the new year.This isn&…

iPad Pro Now Tipped For 13th November Release

iPad Pro Now Tipped For 13th November Release
Ubergizmo  /  Tyler Lee
A rumor from a couple of weeks ago revealed that the iPad Pro would be released on the 11th of November which is next Wednesday. However according to the latest rumors from Cult of Mac, it turns out that the tablet might not be seeing the 11th of November release date after all and could be pushed back a few days.According to the report, the new date tipped for the iPad Pro's release has been set for the 13th of November, a Friday, which is only a couple of days later than expected. We suppose this isn't really that big of a deal since this is just a few days off from what we had previously heard, but then again this isn't official yet so it's probably best to take it with a grain of salt for now.That being said, there is a possibility that the 11th of November date could still be valid. After all we have yet to reach either of those dates so for all we know, at least one of the rumors could prove to b…

8 Plugins That Make Your Site Mobile-Responsive

Here is another great collection of some useful plugins. This time around, we are focusing on top 8 plugins that make your site mobile responsive. Plugins are here to expedite work flow and simply the work process and thereby improving the productivity as well. These days, it is the utmost important requirement that your responsive website must work on desktop as well as on mobile devices. With these plugins, you can achieve just that easily. These plugins will make your website mobile responsive and thereby increasing the chances of getting more customers. Scroll through our wonderful collection and be inspired. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. JetpackJetpack adds powerful features previously only available to users including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools. WPtouch Mobile PluginMake your WordPress website mobile-friendly with just a few c…