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What's new in the Mail app in iOS 10?
The Mail app in iOS 10 has a few cool new features that will make inbox triaging so much better!
Apple has some big changes coming in iOS 10, including a complete remodel of the Messages app, an all-new design of the News app, Memories in the Photo app, and much more.
iOS 10 is also polishing up a few apps with features that may not seem like much on the surface but really make a difference where it counts.
The Mail app is getting one such polishing. Nothing major is changing, but the few features that have been added are going to make your daily email activities much better.

Filter inboxes all the live-long day

Apple added an inbox filter feature that allows you to quickly filter any inbox by Unread, Flagged, emails to you, emails CC'd with you, only emails with attachments, or only emails from VIPs. You can also filter your inboxes by different accounts. So, for example, if you have two work email accounts and one personal, you could filter your inbox so that you only see unread emails from your work accounts.

Get those email threads under control

In iOS 10, you can organize emails within a conversation thread without having to perform the same action on all emails. When you select a conversation thread, you will have access to a thread edit button that will allow you to mark, move, or trash one or more selected emails.

Stop searching for the right mailbox, it's right here!

The Mail app will start offering suggestions when you want to move certain emails to a specific mailbox. This will only work if you've set your Swipe Options to Move and if the selected email comes from a recipient that you have frequently moved emails for in the past. It's so much nicer than scrolling through dozens of folders until you find the right one.

Let 'em know where you're at

Whether you're starting a new email or reading something from a week ago, you can share your location with any email contact (that is also on iOS) for a specific amount of time or indefinitely. So, you can email your co-worker about your lunch meeting and share your location for an hour, or email your best friend from high school and share your location for as long as you have your iPhone. It's up to you.

Why email when you can Message or FaceTime?

Apple is making iOS smarter – Siri-level smarter – by integrating some useful communication features that even include third-party apps like Skype or WeChat. In the Mail app, when you tap on a contact to view a person's information, you'll have the opportunity to switch from the email you were about to send to simply call, text, or video chat with him or her instead.

Stop sending me junk!

Probably my favorite feature in the Mail app for iOS 10 is the ability to unsubscribe to mailing lists. This feature is available in Microsoft's Outlook email app for iPhone and its one of the main reasons I don't use the built-in Mail app nearly as often. When you receive an email that is part of a mailing list, you'll get a notification at the top of the screen. If you tap the "Unsubscribe" link, Mail will send an email on your behalf to unsubscribe to the mailing list. No more scrolling to the bottom, looking for the Unsubscribe button or tapping through a half dozen questions asking why you are leaving. Just two taps from inside the Mail app and you're done.

What do you think?

Are you excited about the new features in iOS 10? If you weren't already using the built-in Mail app before, are these features enough to make you switch?


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