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Windows 10 ‘Game Mode’ Will Improve PC Gaming Experience

If you follow Windows-related news regularly then you might have heard that a new Windows 10 beta build was leaked online recently. The leaked build 14997 revealed that Microsoft is going to add the blue light filter feature to the next major update of its OS. The build also reveals that the company is developing a Windows 10 "Game Mode" that's going to improve the PC gaming experience.
Twitter user WalkingCat first spotted this new feature in the leaked Windows 10 beta build. It's not completely working at this point in time but it's evident that this feature will soon be available to members of the Insider program.
What the Windows 10 Game Mode does is enhance the gaming experience on PCs. It does that by minimizing the resources that apps use to virtually nothing so that more resources can be freed up and allocated to the game allowing it to run faster and smoother.
Windows hasn't had an integrated option for this but this shows that Microsoft is going to …

Apple Releases iOS 10.2 Update

Apple Releases iOS 10.2 Update
Ubergizmo  /  Tyler Lee
If you own an iOS device and you're having some issues with your iPad or iPhone, you might be interested in checking out iOS 10.2. This is the latest update to iOS 10 that has just been released by Apple and it does come with a bunch of changes, new features, as well as various stability improvements and bug fixes.This means that if you are having some software problems with your device, there is a chance that it could have been addressed in the update. Some of the bigger changes that is part of the update includes the new TV app (announced a couple of months ago) which is only available for iOS users in the US at the moment.The app will let users get recommendations on new movies and TV shows to watch, and access the Library for your video purchases/rentals made on iTunes. The iOS 10.2 update will also add a bunch of new emojis, such as new faces, food, animals, and more. Apple has also updated the Messages app with full screen…

Super Mario Run Requires Always-On Internet Connection to Play Due to Piracy Concerns

Super Mario Run Requires Always-On Internet Connection to Play Due to Piracy Concerns
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories  /  Mitchel Broussard
Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Nintendo's upcoming iPhone game Super Mario Run will require an always-on internet connection to play, which Miyamoto said is "a requirement that's been built into the game to support security." The security element is one of the big reasons why the company decided to launch on iPhone first, Miyamoto said, and it helps the game's three separate modes function together while always keeping the software secure and safe, preventing piracy in the process (via Mashable).

Creating a standalone "World Tour" mode without the need for an internet connection was discussed, but the developers found that needing to reconnect to the internet when jumping back to the other two modes -- "Toad Rally" and "Kingdom Builder" -- complicated things. "And becaus…

Microsoft Releases Office Diagramming App 'Visio Viewer' for iPad

Microsoft Releases Office Diagramming App 'Visio Viewer' for iPad
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories  /  Tim Hardwick
Microsoft yesterday released an iPad version of popular Office diagramming and graphic app Visio. The iOS incarnation is limited to viewing Visio documents, leaving the editing of files to the desktop application, and instead focuses on bringing a touch-based browsing experience with intuitive pan and zoom features to users on the go.

Visio diagrams often comprise details that customers could miss on smaller screens. Built for iPad Retina display, Visio Viewer for iPad brings high-fidelity viewing of real-world processes and plans on the go. With the new exploration experience, plant managers can zoom in to production line issues from remote facilities, financial advisors can examine detailed workflows of a loan approval process while visiting clients around the world, retail district managers can conduct store management trainings with associates u…

Microsoft Is Bringing Windows 10 To ARM, x86 Apps Included

Microsoft Is Bringing Windows 10 To ARM, x86 Apps Included:This week, Microsoft is in China where the company is detailing its strategy for the upcoming year on everything from VR headsets to new gaming experiences. While those announcements are important, the company also announced that it will be bringing x86 apps to ARM; this is a significant shift in computing and is one of the more ambitious projects the company has tackled.This announcement, made by Terry Myerson, has been the culmination of a partnership with Qualcomm and will allow for traditional Windows apps (Win32), peripherals and enterprise features on ARM-powered devices. Microsoft calls these devices cellular PCs and they will be ushering in a dramatic change in how we think about Windows.If this sounds familiar, Microsoft previously brought Windows to ARM chips with Windows RT and they also have Windows 10 Mobile that runs on these chips too. But, Windows RT failed in the marketplace because of confusion about how it o…