An Online Tool To Turn Large Images To Quality Thumbnails For Free


Turning a photo into a thumbnail can be a very cumbersome process. The whole process of scaling, re-size and even cropping can become very complicated and time consuming. To make the whole process very fast and simple, use a free online tool, that we will be writing about today. as the name suggests is a very easy to use and fast tool that’ll help you convert any image or photo into a thumbnail. Everything will be done by the server itself, all you need to do is simply upload the image and wait for a few seconds. The whole photo will be converted into a conveniently sized thumbnail.

Moreover, if you’re not happy with the default thumbnail size, you can always re-size the image and obtain the desired size. There is no rocket science involved here. Upload the image, select the thumbnail size and then click ‘Make a Thumbnail’ option. Various sizes of the thumbnail include 100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x 200, 250 x 250 and 300 x 300.

You can also get thumbnail images for your HTML web site with this tool. Thumbnails obtained are of high quality ( of course, it depends on the quality of the image uploaded). Once the processing of the uploaded image is over, the image is presented in three codes such as, BB code, HTML code and the URL itself to display the image.

Try out this online tool and let us know about your experiences.

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An Online Tool To Turn Large Images To Quality Thumbnails For Free
Fri, 16 Sep 2011 06:30:02 GMT


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