Runik: A Free “Bejeweled” Style Game For Your PlayBook


Runik, in a sentence is Bejeweled on steroids. Runik is an addictive strategy game available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. When I say addicting I mean addicting. I have neglected conversations while thinking about my next strategic move, forgotten to that I was online to pick my son up from school and was holding back traffic, almost burned dinner a couple times. This is one game that I have played consistently (meaning every chance I get).

To play the game you must collect as many runes as possible. The bigger the group the more points you receive. Now if there are no more available moves the remaining runes are disabled, which makes game play a little more challenging. A tip for earning more points look for some smaller moves that will get a grouping of one color together for a large point bonus. By doing this you will fill up what is called a super rune, which will allow you to clear that particular color off the board(including disabled runes). Check out the images below

This game will keep you occupied for hours and thinking especially if you like strategy games. For those of you who don’t play strategy games well now is the time to start. But don’t take my word for it, check it out here for  FREE

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Runik: A Free “Bejeweled” Style Game For Your PlayBook
Jon Destouche
Fri, 23 Sep 2011 19:00:18 GMT


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