Download & Try Aurora 9 – A.K.A. Firefox 9 – For Free [News]


The folks over at Mozilla have released Aurora 9, which will eventually go on to become Firefox 9. Simply head over to their website and download the latest release and give it a try. Obviously, this isn’t a final version, so there will be some bugs hidden in there. That said, this is a great way to see what is coming in Firefox down the line.

One of the major features in this release is a huge upgrade for tablet support on Android. It has a completely new UI and much improved tabbed browsing. This greatly enhances the mobile browsing experience on a tablet. In addition to some UI tweaks on the Android, it also promises a much faster start-up. For developers of web apps, they can now easily integrate the device’s camera right into the page, allowing end users to easily take pictures without ever leaving the web app.

A new type of interface promises a faster browser than the current version of Firefox on PC, Mac and Linux.

Mac users will also see some great improvements with this version. It integrates much more smoothly with Lion, and adds support for the two finger swipe to scroll. Mozilla is also improving support for dual monitors for Mac users.

For a complete list of improvements check out this post.


Download & Try Aurora 9 – A.K.A. Firefox 9 – For Free [News]
Dave LeClair
Wed, 05 Oct 2011 14:31:35 GMT


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