Post-It Mario Level of the Day


Post-It Mario Level of the Day

Post-It Mario Level of the Day: It appears the Post-It Wars of 2011 have spread from France to North America.

Seattle digital agency Filter just deployed a very accurate Post-It recreation of the iconic World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. across several windows of its 6th-floor downtown headquarters.

This isn’t the first strike in Seattle either. A couple of other tech companies put up their own game-themed Post-It creations on 1st avenue last month.

So, who’s going to trump this with World 1-2? Bonus points for including the warp zone.

More pics after the jump.

01274a54-82a5-4419-863a-6728eeb8ce40.jpg Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-2 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-3 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-4 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-5 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-6 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433 Post-It-Note-wars-Super-Mario--131610433-1


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Post-It Mario Level of the Day
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