Rumor: RIM to Rebrand QNX as “BlackBerry X” (BBX) at DevCon?



RIM obviously needs a way to easily differentiate between legacy BlackBerry OS and new QNX based BlackBerry devices especially with QNX phones starting to confuse things. The latest rumor to hit the mill comes from Kevin over @CrackBerry with a new name for RIM’s QNX based BlackBerry OS. It has been pretty painful to hear RIM call the PlayBook OS their “BlackBerry Tablet OS” for the last 6 months though I have always dug the QNX name. We already heard that RIM was planning on merging QNX and the current BlackBerry smartphone OS into a a Highlander “There can only be one” OS. Now it looks like we might have a name for it that may possibly be announced this month at BlackBerry DevCon.

The name is supposedly BlackBerry X or BBX for short. Its sort of simply grabbing the X from QNX and merging it with the BlackBerry brand. I was really hoping they would simply go with BlackBerry QNX or better yet BBNX but that doesn’t look to be in the cards. BBX is a little close to Apples OSX but hey nobody owns the letter X though Apple thinks they own the prefix “i”.

So what do you think of a possible branding of BBX? It sort of rolls off the tongue. Let us know what you think and if you have any other names you have been playing with!

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Rumor: RIM to Rebrand QNX as “BlackBerry X” (BBX) at DevCon?
Ronen Halevy
Tue, 04 Oct 2011 01:19:30 GMT


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