BlackBerry Torch 10000 spotted in Asurion Mobile Protection system


I’ve been curious to see where RIM would go with its next generation model numbers since we’ve reached numbers as high as 9930 and 9981. According to the system for Asurion which is a company that insures mobiles, a BlackBerry Torch 10000 for AT&T is listed. This device could and SHOULD be the new QNX (BlackBerry 10) enabled BlackBerry smartphone It looks like RIM is going with 5 digit model numbers now instead of the 4 since they ran out. This is interesting.

Source: N4BB, PocketNow

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BlackBerry Torch 10000 spotted in Asurion Mobile Protection system
The PocketBerry Team
Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:55:46 GMT


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