Volkswagen now deactivates BlackBerry email after each workday


You may want to consider moving to Germany and working for Volkswagen if you feel like you’re a slave to email even after you leave work each day. The carmaker said recently that it has begun to deactivate the email function on its employees’ BlackBerry smartphones a half an hour after each work day has finished. Email remains inactive until a half of an hour before the next work day starts. Other data, text and voice features remain active. 1,154 VW employees at six German plants are provided with a smartphone by the company, Reuters reported, and Volkswagen council member Heinz-Joachim Thust said the response from workers has been positive so far. Unfortunately for the company’s top management, the new policy does not cover board-level executives.


Volkswagen now deactivates BlackBerry email after each workday
Todd Haselton
Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:05:25 GMT


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