Evernote Rolls Out A Huge Update For Their Awesome iOS App [Updates]


The team over at Evernote has been busy recently. They were not satisfied to sit back and enjoy the fact that their iOS app was already one of the best note taking solutions on the platform. Instead, they rolled out a massive update that improves the Evernote application tremendously. The most noticeable part of this update is the completely redesigned note taking screen, which is much more intuitive and easy to use. They improved the placement of the attachment buttons, made it easier to get access to options for text styling and improved the note information screen.

The next major part of this update is the improvement to checkboxes. Checkboxes were not always the most intuitive thing, and version 4.2 greatly improves this feature. Not only are they easier to work with now, but you can also indent them to make them easier to follow.

Evernote didn’t just change the location of the attachments, they actually made them better. They also rebuilt the audio recorder from the ground up, making it substantially better than before.

A huge part of iOS 5 is iCloud, and Evernote will now link up with your iCloud Photo Stream, so you can view your pictures right from the Evernote app. Before this update, snapshots taken in Evernote did not export to your Camera Roll automatically, but now with the flick of a setting you can have the photos go there without any extra work on your part.

Overall, the new Evernote iOS application release is a solid update for an app that was already one of the best. If you have not tried Evernote yet, give it a try as it is an excellent note-taking solution.

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Source: Evernote Blog

Evernote Rolls Out A Huge Update For Their Awesome iOS App [Updates]
Dave LeClair
Wed, 09 May 2012 11:00:52 GMT


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