Google announces tablet version of Google+


Google+ Low Engagement Beneficial

Google today announced a tablet-specific version of its Google+ social network. Among other things the new tablet applications will feature Hangouts that automatically switch cameras based on which person in the Hangout is talking. The new app will be available on both the Apple iPad and Android-based tablets. Google+ also now features an Events feature that integrates with Google Calendar and acts as the social networking site’s version of Evite that lets users set up and invite people to parties and other events. Google+ Events also features a “party mode” that automatically adds all photos taken to the party by any Google+ users who have “party mode” flipped on. “Party mode” also makes a live photo slideshow of pictures taken at the party as they’re taken.


Google announces tablet version of Google+
Brad Reed
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 17:54:35 GMT


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