LinkedIn Launches Standalone Contact Aggregation App [iOS Blog]


LinkedIn has launched a new app called LinkedIn Contacts, which is designed to be a contact management system that incorporates connections on LinkedIn with contacts from your iPhone and from third party services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.

LinkedIn Contacts brings together all your address books, emails, and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place. From these sources, we’ll automatically pull in the details of your past conversations and meetings, and bring these details directly onto your contact’s profile.
The new app organizes emails, calendar events, and more into a timeline that is displayed on a per-person basis. Looking up a person within the app reveals all prior communications along with contact info and the app will also supply information and alerts for birthdays and job changes.
-All your contacts in one place – We bring together all of your address books, emails, and calendars, and keep them up to date so you don’t have to
-Never miss an opportunity to stay in touch – Get alerted on job changes and birthdays in your network, a perfect opportunity to say hello
-See where you left off the conversation – Review your most recent correspondence with a contact before picking up the phone
-Discover more about who you’re meeting with – Prepare for your day with details on each person you’re meeting
-Find the right person for the task at hand – Sort contacts by recent conversation and filter by company or location
LinkedIn Contacts can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

LinkedIn Launches Standalone Contact Aggregation App [iOS Blog]
Juli Clover
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 17:35:45 GMT


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