Rogers, Bell and TELUS BlackBerry Q10's updated to OS

Rogers, Bell and TELUS BlackBerry Q10's updated to OS

Although the OS has been floating around in various forms for the past couple of weeks now, it looks to have finally gone official across the board in Canada for the BlackBerry Q10. Confirmed to be arriving on Rogers, Bell and TELUS devices folks who check for updates should see that software version is available. Oddly enough, if you check your device you may find that it's already on this 'software version' but that doesn't mean you should dismiss the update.

In fact, you should download it because even though the software version is the same, the OS inside is not. Unless you've installed a leak or ran a customized autoloader, most BlackBerry Q10's in Canada should be running OS but with this download, even though the software version will remain unchanged, you'll end up being on OS

We realize a good lot of you might have already had this show up but if not, now is a good time to check for updates. The update received on my Q10 came in at 127MB, sound off in the comments if you weren't seeing it before but have now had it appear. 

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