List Of Keyboard Hotkeys To Remember For Windows 8


Windows 8 is a much secure and reliable operating system, which supports both touch-based and Keyboard / Mouse users to improve overall experience along with creating new levels of productivity.

Touch screen users can make full use of its intricately designed navigation interface feature for e.g Charms, Metro UI, and Swipes. (Not to mention a much faster and quicker way to get your done by swiping with your thumbs). But for those who are upgrading existing PC’s or purchasing brand new ones, Windows 8 brings significant advantages to them no matter what device they are on. The over dependence of a touch based interface leads towards a tendency to not using the keyboard as much, which is why keyboard hotkeys / shortcuts are a great way to work your way around the Windows OS.

In this article, we will be presenting the most useful keyboard hotkeys for Windows 8 users that will time and effort. This comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts will help you to do your work more efficiently and organize your files and folders much easily. Be warned, you might even forget the need for using a mouse!

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts List Of Keyboard Hotkeys To Remember For Windows 8

Charms Menu

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used while in the Charms menu of the Windows 8 OS.

Windows Key + C

It open the charm menu

Windows Key + F

It will access the files search screen

Windows Key + H

It access the share charm

Windows Key + K

It access the devices charm

Windows Key + I

It access the settings charm

Windows Key + Q

It search for the installed apps

Windows Key + W

It access the settings search screen

Escape Key

It will close a charm

Modern UI

Windows Key + Tab

It opens the modern desktop Taskbar

Windows Key + Shift + Tab

It opens the modern desktop Taskbar in reverse order

Windows Key + . (Dot)

It move the screen to the right (split screen multitasking)

Windows Key + Shift + . (Dot)

It moves the screen to the left (split screen multitasking)

Alt + F4

It closes down the modern UI app

Other shortcuts

Windows Key + L

This shortcuts locks the PC and go to lock screen

Windows Key + V

It will show all the toasts or active notifications

Windows Key + M

It minimizes all the windows running on your computer

Windows Key + Shift + M

It restores all minimized windows

Windows Key + F1

It opens Windows help and support

Shift + Delete

It permanently deletes all the files without being sent to Recycle Bin.

Ctrl + Shift + Escape

It opens the Task Manager

Windows Key + Left arrow

It maximizes current window to left side of the screen

Windows Key + Right arrow

It maximizes current window to right side of the screen

Windows key + Up arrow

It maximize the current window

Window Key + Down arrow

It minimize the current window

Windows Key + X

It shows advanced windows settings menu

Windows Key + R

It opens the Run dialog box

There are a multitude of other keyboards shortcuts for the Windows 8 OS, but we believe the above mentioned are more than enough to get you through your basic ever day tasks and activities.

List Of Keyboard Hotkeys To Remember For Windows 8
Nimra Ibrar
Tue, 29 Oct 2013 18:34:41 GMT


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