Behind The Scenes of Chrome’s URL Predictions

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I type C into the omnibox and Chrome knows that I want to go to, (99.99 times that is). I type Y and Chrome knows I want to open

So, how does this happen?

chrome://predictors/ can give you some details. It stores the predictions that Google Chrome has made for you and the some insights in to the accuracy of such predictions.

chrome news  Behind The Scenes of Chromes URL Predictions

There are also 3 values: hit count (how often you type those characters), miss count (how often you pick a different suggestion) and confidence score = hit_count/(hit_count+miss_count). Check “Filter zero confidences” to remove entries with a 0 confidence score. Green entries have a 1 confidence score, which means that the text is always associated with the URL.

Take a look. I am sure you will find this interesting.

via Google System.

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