Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For OS X Mavericks

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OS X Mavericks has a lot of great features; the iCloud sync, interactive notifications, the iBook, finder tags and much more. But apart from that, you also need to know the tricks to get around the operating system. Knowing the shortcut keys to your most used and favourite apps/functions is the key to increasing your productivity at work in specific and a better overall user experience in general.

We’ll go through a few useful keyboard shortcuts for OS X Mavericks; you can start by memorizing them or just put a sticky note on your desk with your favourite shortcuts.

Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For OS X Mavericks

Insert a Selected Item to Sidebar
Key : Shift+Option+T

Close All Windows
Key : Option+Command+W

Close a Single Window
Key : Command+W

Copy Function
Key : Command+C

Cut Function
Key : Command+X

Main Dashboard
Key : F12 (fn+F12 on laptops)

Duplicate Function
Key : Command+D

Eject a Disk From ROM
Key : Command+E

Empty the Trash Bin
Key : Shift+Command+Delete

Find File/Folder Function
Key : Command+F

Get Info
Key : Command+I

Open All Your Files
Key : Shift+Command+F

Open Applications Folder
Key : Shift+Command+A

Go to Main Desktop
Key : Shift+Command+D

Go to Home Folder
Key : Shift+Command+H

Help Function
Key : Shift+Command+?

Hide/Show Current Application
Key : Command+H

Log Out Current Logged in User
Key : Shift+Command+Q

Make Alias
Key : Command+L

Minimize the Window
Key : Command+M

Mission Control: All Windows
Key : Control+Up Arrow (F3 on Apple keyboards)

Mission Control: Application Windows
Key : Control+Down Arrow (Control+F3 on Apple keyboards)

Mission Control: Show Desktop
Key : F11 (fn+F11 on laptops) (Command+F3 on Apple keyboards)

Move to Trash
Key : Command+Delete

Empty Trash
Key : Shift+Command+Delete

New Finder Window
Key : Command+N

New Folder
Key : Shift+Command+N

New Smart Folder
Key : Option+Command+N

Next Window
Key : Command+`

Key : Command+O

Open Inspector
Key : Option+Command+I

Key : Command+V

Quick Look (at selected item)
Key : Command+Y or Spacebar

Select All
Key : Command+A

Show Original (of selected alias)
Key : Command+R

Show View Options
Key : Command+J

Show/Hide Sidebar
Key : Option+Command+S

Show/Hide Dock
Key : Option+Command+D

Show/Hide Status Bar
Key : Command+/

Show/Hide Tab Bar
Key : Shift+Command+T

Show/Hide Toolbar
Key : Option+Command+T

Turn VoiceOver On/Off
Key : Command+F5 (fn+F5 on laptops)

Turn Zoom On/Off
Key : Option+Command+8

Key : Command+Z

View Window as Icons
Key : Command+1

View Window as List
Key : Command+2

View Window as Columns
Key : Command+3

View Window as Cover Flow
Key : Command+4

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