iPad Pro Now Tipped For 13th November Release

iPad Pro Now Tipped For 13th November Release
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iPadPro_Pencil_Lifestyle1-PRINTA rumor from a couple of weeks ago revealed that the iPad Pro would be released on the 11th of November which is next Wednesday. However according to the latest rumors from Cult of Mac, it turns out that the tablet might not be seeing the 11th of November release date after all and could be pushed back a few days.

According to the report, the new date tipped for the iPad Pro's release has been set for the 13th of November, a Friday, which is only a couple of days later than expected. We suppose this isn't really that big of a deal since this is just a few days off from what we had previously heard, but then again this isn't official yet so it's probably best to take it with a grain of salt for now.

That being said, there is a possibility that the 11th of November date could still be valid. After all we have yet to reach either of those dates so for all we know, at least one of the rumors could prove to be true. Either way do check back with us next week or in the next few days to see if there is more official news to be had regarding the iPad Pro's release.

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