Facebook Officially Announces Their Version Of Steam: Gameroom

Facebook Officially Announces Their Version Of Steam: Gameroom
Ubergizmo  /  Tyler Lee

facebook-gameroomWe recently reported that Facebook is apparently interested in getting into eSports, and it looks like part of their plan has already materialized. The social networking giant has recently announced the launch of Gameroom, a Windows desktop gaming platform that's basically Facebook's take on Steam.

Gameroom had existed for quite a while now, but it used to go by different names and existed in a beta. However it looks like it has finally exited beta and is officially known as Gameroom and is available for all users to download, as long as they are running Windows 7 or better. The app will allow gamers to play web, ported mobile, and native Gameroom games.

The games will be contained to the app itself, meaning that you won't need to launch Facebook to play it, so if you're after a gaming session without the distraction of your News Feed and friends sending you messages, then we guess Gameroom could be worth checking out. However whether or not it can compete with Steam remains to be seen.

As it stands, Steam plays home to thousands of games and has over 125 million players. Sure, Facebook could leverage the users that already use their social network, but exactly how many of those uses play games is a different story. Not to mention how many of them would want to leave Steam for Gameroom remains to be seen. In any case it does sound like an interesting venture and if you want to check it out, head on over to its website for the details.

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