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Connect your Google account to Evernote

Connect your Google account to Evernote:
I am probably not alone when I say that Evernote has become an indispensable piece of software. The free service works with Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems, and even provides handy web browser plugins like Web Clipper. Of course, a Google account is also a must-have for many of us these days. Now a service called Everbot is looking to bring Evenote and Google together.
The startup provides plugins for both Gmail and Google Calendar that lets you interact with your Evernote account and share information between the two platforms.
Plugins are compatible across multiple browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The service is free and you will need to install separate plugins for both Gmail and Google Calendar.
Once installed you will need to connect it to both your Google account and Evernote account — this is done separately for each plugin. Once connected, you will find a new “Send to Evernote” but…

Apple releases iOS 6.0.2 to fix reported Wi-Fi issues

Apple releases iOS 6.0.2 to fix reported Wi-Fi issues:
Apple (AAPL) has just released iOS 6.0.2 to fix a number of bugs on the operating system including one bug that reportedly affected Wi-Fi performance on both the iPhone and the iPad. Some users on Apple’s support forums have in the past complained about an issue where their Wi-Fi connectivity symbol turns grey and prevents them from connecting to their home networks. Engadget’s German site writes that these Wi-Fi issues were supposed to be fixed with the release of iOS 6.0.1 but notes that users have still reported problems connecting to known Wi-Fi hotspots even after installing the patch.

New BlackBerry 10 images show off home screen UI, notifications and key apps

New BlackBerry 10 images show off home screen UI, notifications and key apps:
RIM (RIMM) is less than two months away from releasing BlackBerry 10 and the images we’ve seen of the operating system so far look very promising. Now Tihnte has posted some pictures showing off BlackBerry 10′s home screen along with its notifications system and several key apps such as Twitter, Facebook (FB) and FourSquare.
Some of the most interesting images are the ones featuring BlackBerry 10 Hub, RIM’s one-stop message center that lets users handle messages from multiple email accounts, BlackBerry Messenger, social networking sites and text messages all in one location. Even more intriguingly, it looks as though RIM has developed its own Siri-like application that will give users the ability to use voice commands on their smartphones.
More images of BlackBerry 10′s user interface are posted below.

BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.1.0 B39 For Windows Released

BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.1.0 B39 For Windows Released:
Earlier this month RIM rolled out a new version of Desktop Manager (7.1.0 B35) software for Windows and over the weekend they just bumped it up with a small follow up update (7.1.0 B39). They sadly did not include release notes but let us know what you find. Check it out if you want to be running the latest and greatest.
Download BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.1.0 B39
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Apple releases iTunes 11.0.1

Apple releases iTunes 11.0.1:

Apple has pushed out an update for iTunes that fixes a few bugs. iCloud purchases should now appear in your library even if iTunes Match is turned on, users with large libraries should now enjoy a more responsive experience, the AirPlay button will appear when it should, and there is now an option to display duplicate items in your library as well as other important stability and performance improvements.
Go grab the update and let us know what you think! Are these bugs now fixed for you? Are you experiencing any new bugs?

Facebook for Android 2.0: Completely Rebuilt for Speed

Facebook for Android 2.0: Completely Rebuilt for Speed:
Today, Facebook is releasing an entirely new version of Facebook for Android. The biggest change you'll notice, according to the engineering team, is that the app is way faster than it was before. More »

Welcome back, Google Maps [hands-on]

Welcome back, Google Maps [hands-on]:
That’s right, iPhone owners — you can finally drop Apple’s (AAPL) awful iOS Maps application in the junk folder on your last app page. Google (GOOG) on Wednesday evening released its third-party Google Maps application for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.1 and later. And it’s glorious. It doesn’t offer deep iOS integration like Apple’s Maps app does, but it also won’t leave you stranded in the Australian outback to be ravaged by rabid dingos.

The new Google Maps app for the iPhone features a much more minimal interface than its predecessor, and it’s quite refreshing.
The app is incredibly simple: Tap the box to search; swipe up for info or street view; tap the menu button in the bottom-right corner to toggle traffic, public transit and satellite view options; and tap the car icon at the bottom of the screen after a search for directions or to begin turn-by-turn navigation.
Yes, Google’s new maps app finally includes …

BlackBerry Messenger Officially Updates to BBM 7 with Voice

BlackBerry Messenger Officially Updates to BBM 7 with Voice:
It has been no secret that BBM 7 has been in beta testing for a while now, and the biggest new feature has been BBM Voice.  BBM Voice allows for calling over wifi to your other BBM contacts.  Well, now is official, and available to anyone using BBM on a device with OS6 or higher!  There are a few more features they have added in, and you can read up on those as well as find a download link below.
Here are some other great features you’ll love in BBM 7:BBM upgrade notifications – BBM will notify you when there are updates to download straight from within the appBBID Synchronization – your BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are linked to your BlackBerry ID16 Additional emoticons – even more choice for those times when words just aren’t enough. Can you spot the new ones? *Drool*
Here is a nice video demo of BBM Voice for all of you who might need some help on getting started.

Update notification through App World might take up to …