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Microsoft forced to rename SkyDrive following trademark case with broadcaster

A UK court recently ruled that Microsoft's SkyDrive name infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), and the software maker has agreed to change the name of its cloud-based service worldwide as a result. In a settlement issued on Wednesday, BSkyB notes that Microsoft will not appeal the court ruling and that the company will allow Microsoft to continue using the brand "for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand." The agreement includes financial and other terms, but neither BSkyB or Microsoft will disclose the details as the agreement is confidential. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the name change to The Verge. "We're glad to have resolution of this naming dispute, and will continue to deliver the great service our hundreds of millions of customers expect, providing the best way to always have your files with you." First Metro, now SkyDriveThe name change follows a similar European leg…

BlackBerry BB10 update reportedly deleting text messages at random

A new over-the-air update meant to improve the operation of BlackBerry 10 smartphones includes a flaw that affects SMS on some devices. N4BB reports that the BlackBerry 10.1 MR update, billed as a maintenance release that helps users "keep moving," includes bugs that wipe content from text messages, delete them, or block SMS functionality completely. While the issue appears to be widespread, users are reporting varying degrees of severity. BlackBerry has yet to comment on the matter, so it might be wise to hold off applying the OTA update until the company acknowledges the bug or clarifies whether you can recover text messages in the future. BlackBerry BB10 update reportedly deleting text messages at random
Matt Brian
Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:32:59 GMT

Microsoft Office for Android now available, but not for tablets

Microsoft is extending its Office mobile software to Android this week, bringing basic editing to smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher. Following the release of Office for iPhone, the Android variant is almost identical in what it provides and its requirements. You'll need to sign into the application using an Office 365 subscription to view or edit documents, and Microsoft isn't providing a standalone or free version.  Much like the iPhone version, Office for Android includes a recent documents tab and access to create Word and Excel documents. Microsoft is optimising the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps within this application for phones. There's no plans for an Android tablet version, and Microsoft is recommending users make use of the Office Web Apps on tablets. Just like the Windows Phone and iPhone versions, the editing functionality on the Android edition is very basic. It's designed to simply be used for correction, formatting, and comments. Basic format…

BlackBerry Q5 Launches in Canada on August 13

BlackBerry has brought the Q5 home with a launch starting August 13. The device is a lower end model of the BlackBerry 10 line with a new color variant thrown in. They are running a slightly slower 1.2Ghz dual core processor along with only 8GB of storage and only a 5MP camera. On the other hand they managed to cut out some weight on the device and make it slimmer. Check out the announcement below or the really cool BlackBerry Q5 landing page here. BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone Launches in CanadaWATERLOO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – July 30, 2013) - Editors Note: A photo for this release will be available on the Canadian Press picture wire and through the AP Photo Network via Marketwired. BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today announced that the newest BlackBerry(R) 10 smartphone, the BlackBerry(R) Q5 smartphone, will arrive in Canada on August 13, 2013. The new smartphone will be available from authorized partners Bell, Fido, Koodo, Sasktel, TELUS, and Virgin Mobile Canada, as well as retai…

Microsoft Updated With New Enhancements

There are a lot of ways through which you can manage your files on SkyDrive. There are mobile apps and softwares for Windows and Mac. If you like managing files through your web browser, by going to, you’re in luck. In a new blog post today Microsoft has detailed several enhancements that it has made to the web interface of its cloud storage solution. Files saved on SkyDrive can now be selectively shared from anywhere on the service, previously either entire folders or individual files from a specific folder could be shared. Different files can now be shared with different people. The Shared view will display all of the files you’ve shared, and will also display files that have been shared with you. High quality pictures can now be viewed in their full resolution, automatically determines the DPI or dots per inch of your device and shows higher quality pictures and thumbnails. Animated GIFs can now be viewed in full animation as opposed to viewing them as…

Netflix's Personalized User Profiles Begin Showing Up on Apple TV

According to multiple Twitter reports and a tipster who contacted MacRumors, individual Netflix profiles are now showing up on the Apple TV. The personalized profile feature, which is expected to be launched in August, will allow users of shared Netflix accounts to select a unique profile when accessing the service.
Netflix first debuted its personalized user profiles earlier this year at E3, giving select users beta access to the feature. With personalized profiles, each family member or Netflix user can have a separate profile with customizable avatars, individualized viewing histories, unique content recommendations, and parental control options.

While the feature is not yet available to the general public, the infrastructure has been launched on the Apple TV. According to a Netflix customer service representative, Netflix users who previously set up profiles when using the DVD service will now see those profiles show up on the Apple TV.
Profiles cannot be altered at this time, an…

Carriers Start Rolling Out BlackBerry OS Maintenance Release

Carriers Start Rolling Out BlackBerry OS Maintenance Release
BlackBerry just announced that starting today they have begun the rollout for the BlackBerry 10.1 Maintenance Release. This brings us to v10.1.0.4537 which is starting to roll out in Asia Pacific, Canada, and EMEA starting today and continuing into Latin America in mid August on most carriers. Sadly the US is STARTING to get it by the end of the summer. In other words Verizon is going to get it sometime in 2015 so hopefully the leaks continue. Either way the update is a nice one with the following high level improvements: BlackBerry Hub
New enhancements designed help you stay organized and in control of all your conversations: • Quickly move between messages – Use a simple gesture to quickly move to the last or next message without having to return to the message list • Jump to the last unread message – If you have a BlackBerry Q10 Pressing the 'u' key in the BlackBerry Hub will take you …

iPhone 5C once again rumored to be the name of Apple's rumored upcoming less expensive, more colorful iPhone

iPhone 5C is once again being rumored as the name for Apple's rumored less expensive iPhone which, if said rumors are accurate, would not only sport a plastic back but a colorful new plastic back. That's right, iPhonechromatic! This time it's Jay Yarow of Business Insider doing the reporting: After the photos leaked, we heard from a source that the name is going to be "iPhone 5C".Yarow says his source isn't at Apple, and that it's here-say, but here-say he's fairly confident in. Over the weekend margarine-tubs showed up in China with the name iPhone 5C on them, which didn't look like anything Apple would design or produce, but it did reflect a report from way back in January on the iPhone 5C name from iLounge. Apple doesn't have to decide on marketing names until just before product launch, so things can and might change, but it is interesting to see the name iPhone 5C popping up more and more often. It's not as elegant at the Mac Pro/Mac …

VLC For iPhone and iPad Returns With Wi-Fi Upload, Dropbox Sync and More

Several years ago, the popular desktop media player VLC was released for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. However, the app was eventually removed from the store over copyright issues with the GPL license.

Now, VLC is back on iOS [App Store Link] with a complete rewrite including AirPlay support, multiple ways to load files into the video app, realtime video filters, playback speed manipulation, subtitles and more.

VLC for iOS is still rolling out to international App Stores, beginning in Australia and New Zealand and arriving in the U.S. this evening.

Today, it’s my pleasure to announce that VLC for iOS is back on the App Store. It’s available free of charge in any country, requires iOS 5.1 or later and runs on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This is more than an upgrade of the initial version: it’s a full re-write. From the ground-up. Relying on the power of MobileVLCKit and its underlying libvlc, we started with modern video and audio output modules offering faster drawing, full suppo…

Microsoft Launches Outlook Apps for Office 365 Business Subscribers

Microsoft today launched a set of native Outlook apps designed for Office 365 business subscribers who want to access their email on the iPad or the iPhone. 
Based on the browser version of the Outlook Web App, OWA for iPhone and iPad offer standard access to email, calendars, and contacts along with "additional capabilities that are only possible through native integration of the app with mobile devices."

The apps, which are available only to customers with an Office 365 business account that includes the latest version of Exchange Online, offer a number of features like quick email organization options, shared calendars, and voice command support.Get work done faster with email
- Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories
- Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites
Manage your schedule with ease
- Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder
- View shared calendars including delega…