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Microsoft launches Internet Explorer Developer Channel

All major web browsers for the Windows platform with the exception of Microsoft's Internet Explorer offer test versions for users interested in cutting edge features.
Two of the core ideas behind making these test versions available is to involve the community when it comes to bug testing and reporting, and to provide web developers with advanced versions of the browser to give them ample time to test services and applications.
Microsoft announced just a moment ago that it is making available a Developer version of Internet Explorer. The developer version gives developers and early adopters a sneak peek of upcoming browser features.
The Internet Explorer Developer Channel is available for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 provided that Internet Explorer 11 is already running on those systems.
The browser itself runs independent from the stable version of Internet Explorer 11 installed on the system so that both browsers can in theory by run together at the same time withou…

BBM for BlackBerry Updated With Loads Of Goodies!

BlackBerry has just pushed an update for BBM for BlackBerry 10. This new update puts BBM for BlackBerry 10 on par with current releases for Android and iOS, and also adds a little more goodies for the BlackBerry faithful. Check it out now!!!!!!
Change log:
Introducing support for BBM ProtectedSupport for chat wallpapers in the BBM Shop16 new emoticonsImproved experience adding contacts via emailUpdates tab is now called "Feeds" I wish they would just allow us to use our own wallpapers… That would definitely be the full customizability that will be appreciated! But hey, this is one step forward!
Not getting the update yet? Head over to BlackBerry World and go the BBM!
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BBM for BlackBerry Updated With Loads Of Goodies!

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