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Skype support coming to

Microsoft paid more than 8 Billion Dollars for Skype and it was clear to me back then that the company had to have plans to push Skype into Microsoft products to not only improve the products but also to get back the money it invested into the technology. We have seen that happen soon thereafter, for example by coming to an agreement with Facebook that integrated Skype into the world's most popular social networking site, or the retiring of Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype. Simon Longbottom announced on the official Skype blog yesterday that Skype is becoming available on Microsoft's email platform Both audio and video calling will be added to so that users of it can make use of those features right away. It makes sense from a user perspective, considering that it may sometimes be easier to call a recipient instead of sending email messages back and forth. The feature will be rolled out in the United Kingdom first, with Germany and the United S…

BlackBerry Link v1.1.x Released for Both Windows & Mac

BlackBerry has updated their BlackBerry Link software today to v1.1.x. That is v1.1.0.33 for Windows and for Mac. The first thing we looked for was support for 2 way contact sync with Outlook but sadly I am not seeing it there. What I am seeing is the following change log: Remote File Access -  You can remotely access media and documents on your computer from your
BlackBerry device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later. Sync enhancements -  You can customize the folder locations you import media and documents to. BlackBerry ID disassociation -  You can remove devices from BlackBerry Link that are associated with your
BlackBerry ID. Corporate liable device support – Support for connectivity to corporate liable devices and the ability to limit features and connectivity through IT policies. Hopefully we will see another update with 2 way contact sync shortly. Download the latest BlackBerry Link here. Thanks Bill for the tip! Unlock ANY BlackBerry for Only $6!!! @ Ber…

LinkedIn Launches Standalone Contact Aggregation App [iOS Blog]

LinkedIn has launched a new app called LinkedIn Contacts, which is designed to be a contact management system that incorporates connections on LinkedIn with contacts from your iPhone and from third party services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. LinkedIn Contacts brings together all your address books, emails, and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place. From these sources, we’ll automatically pull in the details of your past conversations and meetings, and bring these details directly onto your contact’s profile.
The new app organizes emails, calendar events, and more into a timeline that is displayed on a per-person basis. Looking up a person within the app reveals all prior communications along with contact info and the app will also supply information and alerts for birthdays and job changes. -All your contacts in one place – We bring together all of your address books, emails, and calendars, and keep them up to date so you don’t have to
-Never miss an opportunity t…

Skype to be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch

Well as if the hint of Skype from our BlackBerry Q10 review unit wasn't enough, we just got word from BlackBerry that Skype will indeed be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch. With just about a week to go before the Q10 hits Canada, BlackBerry fans all over can rest easy knowing that we'll soon enough be able to Skype on the go from the Q10.  We tested out the Android-ported Skype a bit during our review and couldn't be happier that it's finally landing on BlackBerry 10. No word on if Skype will also be available for the Z10 as well, but we'd expect that to show up sometime around the release of OS 10.1 in the coming weeks. Other apps such as Angry Birds, Box, Nobex Radio, Dropbox, USA Today, Press Reader, WSJ and Need for Speed Undercover will all be available for the Q10 at launch as well.  Skype to be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch
Adam Zeis
Wed, 24 Apr 2013 14:24:11 GMT

BlackBerry Q10 Available in Canada on May 1 for $199

BlackBerry Q10 Available in Canada on May 1 for $199:
The dam has broken on BlackBerry Q10 news and the “Keyboard BlackBerry” is almost here. BlackBerry has announced that the BlackBerry Q10 will be available in Canada on May 1st. No word on the US but hopefully that is coming shortly! The BlackBerry Q10 will be available on Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and TELUS for $199 with a 3 year contract. Virgin Mobile Canada, Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Sasktel are also getting the device and it will also be sold at retail locations including: Best Buy, Future Shop, TBooth Wireless, The Source, Walmart Canada and WIRELESSWAVE.
Check out the details below!
The New BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone available in Canada May 1 The new BlackBerry® Q10, the first BlackBerry® 10 smartphone to feature a classic BlackBerry® QWERTY Keyboard, will be available in Canada starting May 1 on Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and TELUS. The BlackBerry Q10 combines the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform with a large, re-e…

Netflix Launches Family Plan, 4 Simultaneous Streams for $12/Month [iOS Blog]

Netflix Launches Family Plan, 4 Simultaneous Streams for $12/Month [iOS Blog]: Netflix announced today that it is rolling out a number of family friendly features in the coming months, designed to make it easier for families with multiple Netflix users to use the service.

First, the company is introducing a new $12/month streaming plan that offers four simultaneous streams of video, meant for members with large families that run into Netflix's two-simultaneous stream limit. The normal Netflix subscription is $8/month.

Second, the company is introducing a new feature to allow different family members to log their own viewing habits and get recommendations based on what shows they like. Currently, all viewer activity -- parents and kids -- are combined into one stream. As a result, recommendations for kids shows and adult movies are shown next to each other.

Netflix reported today that it has 29.2 million U.S. streaming subscribers, with shares up close to 25 precent after hours.

Office Web Viewer to read Office documents on the Internet

Office Web Viewer to read Office documents on the Internet:
If you are using Microsoft's cloud hosting and synchronization service SkyDrive you know that you can use it to view and edit Microsoft Office documents.  Microsoft up until now did not offer a comparable service to Google's Docs Viewer which lets Internet users from all over the world view documents that are already hosted on the Internet without the need for a Google Docs account or a software like Office on the system.
Microsoft's Office Web Viewer makes the same feature available. To use it simply paste an url pointing to an online document into the form on the official service page and click on the create url button afterwards. A new form opens up on the same page just below that lists the web address that you or anyone else can use to view the document online. You can preview the selection right away with a click on the preview in a new window link underneath that second form on the page.

The document can be…