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Microsoft's Office for iPad Apps Gain New Picture Tools, Fonts, and Ability to Send Files as PDFs

Microsoft's Office for iPad apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint received a major update today that adds several new user-requested features to each app. All three apps have gained the ability to export files as PDFs, and each one has also gained new Picture Tools that let users crop to focus on the right part of an image. Third-party fonts have also been added to each app.

Excel now includes improved external keyboard support to make the experience of using Excel on the iPad more like a desktop usage experience. There are more print options available, and a new "Flick to Select" feature lets users flick to select all data in a row or column.

Word didn't gain new features beyond the Picture Tools, Fonts, and ability to send PDFs, but PowerPoint has seen some improvements. The app has a new Presenter View that lets users view and edit speaker notes, see next slides, and jump to other slides while presenting. Presenter tools allow for highlights and drawings to…

Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry

As if the original Typo keyboard wasn't enough, a new version of everyone's favorite iPhone accessory is now available for pre-order. The $99 Typo 2 — while very similar to it's older brother — has been remastered and redesigned with some new features, hoping to steer clear of any lawsuits this time around.
The Typo 2 features Typo smart typing (auto capitalization and the like), a backlit keyboard, lock key and even a battery indicator. The keyboard is a bit different than the previous version as well, obviously due to some harsh feedback from their "design inspiration" at BlackBerry.
You can pre-order the Typo 2 (which appears to be only for the iPhone 5/5s) now for just $99, with orders expected to start shipping in September.
Pre-order a Typo 2 for $99

BBM beta for Windows Phone begins its public roll out

BlackBerry has pulled the switch and is now rolling out its BBM messenger beta app to all Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users, after the company released it as a closed beta test earlier in July.
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BBM For iOS & Android Expected To Receive UI Makeover

BBM For iOS & Android Expected To Receive UI Makeover
One of the unique features of BBM for Windows Phone is that it has been designed with the Windows Phone UI in mind, meaning that Windows Phone users can look forward to a unique interface to call their own. BBM on iOS and Android, however, look as though they were cloned from the original app for BlackBerry handsets.Well the good news is that it looks like both the iOS and Android version of BBM could be set to receive a makeover. This is according to the folks at N4BB who had attended the BlackBerry Security Summit. During a Q&A session, they asked BlackBerry President John Sims if the UI of BBM for iOS and Android could change in the future.According to Sims, the answer is yes. Apparently the previous management had felt that it would be better if the app looked the same as its BlackBerry counterpart on iOS and Android. That way users would not be confused by the differing interfaces, and while it does make sense,…

OneNote for iPhone and iPad updated with new file insert feature and more

Microsoft has a new and major update for its OneNote note taking app for iPhone and iPad users, allowing people to insert files into notes and more.
The new 2.3 version of OneNote for iOS has the following change log:
Insert Files - You asked, we listened. Now you can insert files into your notes, open them with a double-tap, and easily share them using AirDrop.Protected Sections - Now you can lock or unlock password-protected sections created in OneNote for Windows.PDF Printouts - Add a PDF printout to any notebook page, then add your own notes.Organize Notebooks - Now you can move and reorder sections, and move pages anywhere you want in OneNote.Formatted Text - Copy and paste formatted text between application - whether it's an article from Safari or a document in Word, any content you paste into OneNote will look great!Creating Notebooks - Now you can create notebooks and save them to OneDrive for Business. Have multiple accounts? No problem! It's easy to select exactly wh…

Facebook Makes All Users Switch to the Standalone Messaging App

Over the next few days, if you go to send a message through Facebook's smartphone app, you'll see the alert shown above. Starting this week, Facebook is fully unbundling its messaging service, as part of its move to become a network of related apps.
Facebook started bouncing messages to the standalone app for some European users back in April, but starting this week the company is moving all users to download Messenger. CNET says you'll still be able to see pending messages from the main Facebook app, but the Messaging button will now direct you to the dedicated app—or encourage you to download it if you haven't.
The Messaging app first rolled out way back in 2011, and it's been optional for users since it debuted. Facebook says the dedicated chat app has about 200 million users—but clearly they want all 1.1 billion mobile Facebook users to transition to Messenger.
Why move to a separate app? Facebook says the dedicated setup is 20 percent faster than messaging f…

Gmail app update for iPhone and iPad lets users insert Google Drive files into emails

Google has released an update for its Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad that will now allow users to insert any files they might have on their Google Drive cloud storage acount into one of their emails.
Google states:
The apps will even tell you if your file isn't shared with the person you're sending it to so you can change the sharing settings before you send it. And to help you store all your files in a single place, if someone sends you an email attachment, you can save it directly to Drive with one tap. The new version also lets users change their profile picture directly from the Settings menu. Finally, users can now pick which signed-in accounts they want to be visible in the Gmail app. What do you think of this new update for the Gmail iOS app?
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Everything That's Changed in the New iTunes 12.0

Apple just released the latest build of OS X Yosemite, including a brand new iTunes. It's only a little bit anti-climactic. Version 12.0 does indeed look a lot like Version 11.3, the version that's probably on your computer. But it's got some neat little treats nevertheless.
The first thing you'll notice, of course, is the new icon. Yay for red! Or is it pink?

Otherwise, the new iTunes is super simple, if slightly more economical in terms of real estate. The navigation bar at the top has been cleaned up so that the display in the middle bleeds all the way to the edge, and the gradients match the rest of Yosemite. The left rail (or dropdown that used to be on the left hand side of the menu bar, depending on your view) has been replaced by a line of little icons for music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and apps with one of those … dropdown menus for everything else.

Meanwhile, you can no longer toggle between songs, albums, artists, etc. on the top. That is now a dropdo…